Types of 6x6x6 Shipping Boxes for Moving

Find out the different types of 6x6x6 shipping boxes available for moving, storing, and shipping here.Moving out can be stressful. The sheer amount of packing, coupled with the anxiety of gathering all supplies a month before the packing starts, is enough for people to give up. But we won't let you do that! Packing can be simple if you have the right supplies and shipping boxes. People often make the mistake of ordering a single type of box and thinking it will be okay. You have items in different sizes and shapes around the house, and all cannot fit into a cube box. It's where 6x6x6 shipping boxes come in.

These shipping boxes are great for small to medium-sized items, and you can use them for various purposes. Let's discuss their different types in detail.
6x6x6 Shipping Boxes - Types and Uses
6''x6''x6'' Corrugated Cube Shipping Boxes
These are the most popular small-sized corrugated shipping boxes as they can pack various items. They are extremely versatile and have the same length, height, and width, making them easy to measure and stack. These 6x6x6 shipping boxes are also available in white color and are made from 80% recycled material.
Key Features
Have the same length, width, and height
Made from 80% recycled material and eco-friendly in nature
Used for packing smaller to medium-sized items
Used for moving, storing, and importing/exporting products
6''x6''x6'' HEAVY DUTY Single Wall Boxes
Are you worried about your heavier items during shipping? You should be. Standard corrugated boxes have lesser box strength and cannot withstand heavier items. For this, you should use 6x6x6 heavy duty single wall boxes. The extra corrugated layer ensures the box stays intact during packing and shipping.
Key Features
Have an extra corrugation layer
Perfect for heavier items
Stays intact during packing and shipping
6”x6”x6” Corrugated Mailers
If you want to store away items in flat storage or have harder-to-pack items due to their flat and elongated shape, then you should use 6x6x6 corrugated mailers. Businesses use them for importing/exporting items due to their unique shape and sturdy exterior. These boxes provide an easy and secure enclosure without any adhesives.
Key Features
No additional adhesives are required for the enclosure
Useful for packing and shipping flat and long-shaped items
Offer easy and efficient flat storage options
6x6x6'' Heavy Duty Double Wall Boxes
We recommend using heavy-duty double-wall boxes if you are packing fragile and high-valuable items. These boxes have a full extra layer of corrugation protection, ideal for heavy-set and fragile items. They are sturdy, reliable, and durable and ensure your items are protected throughout the shipping and customs process. 6x6x6 double wall boxes are made up of 80% recycled items and are eco-friendly in nature.
Key Features
Ideal for fragile and heavy-set items
Offer double the protection than standard corrugated boxes
Strong, sturdy, and eco-friendly
As you can see, 6x6x6 shipping boxes are available in multiple types and can be used for various purposes, such as packing, storing, shipping, and moving. Before choosing a supplier, ensure they are reliable by checking their website, reading customer reviews, and corrugated boxes analyzing their offers. We hope this article helped!

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